Putting the Pieces of Health Together

Managing your life and health as a Senior adult can be like a puzzle with many pieces with no big picture to guide you. As a company providing Home Health Care Services, much of what our staff does is education about managing your health. When you are working a puzzle it can seem impossible to get all the pieces together. However, if you have the picture to guide you, eventually everything comes together. You know what your goal is, and you understand what you are working towards. This is the main purpose of this blog. Instead of just pieces, our hope is that this blog gives you peace of mind in regards to your health. The information here will not by any means be comprehensive, and at times we will provide links to other sites that are accessible to the reader.  A general picture of the choices you have in managing your health can help turn scattered pieces into peace. Below you will find upcoming questions that will be addressed on this blog for older adults and their caregivers.

Seniors’ Top Ten

1.     How do I take charge of my health?

2.     What are my choices if I can’t live alone?

 3.     What’s the difference between Medicare Part A, B, and D?

 4.     How do I know when to give up my independence?

 5.     At what point can I get help with medical expenses based on my income level?

 6.     What does Medicare cover and not cover?

 7.     What’s the difference between Medicare Advantage and MediGap?

 8.     What’s the difference between Skilled Nursing Home Health and regular Custodial Home Care?

 9.     Is there any help for me if I have too much money to qualify for income-based health?

 10.  Why do I need Advance Directives?


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